The Blog Columnist v4

August 22, 2006

“Any of you fucking pricks move,
and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of you!”
Honey Bunny
Pulp Fiction (circa ’94)

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Okay, so what is it with all this gonzo drivel I’m harping on about, you might be saying to yourself. Well … I’m gonzo to the core, I love it and I’m never going back. You can read about gonzo journalism at wikipedia…

And away we go …

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Let Me Be Self-Indulgent – the whole blogosphere’s abuzz with the news. Yours truly in joining on as a weekly columnist at … The Blog Herald. Wednesday’s the day and you can read about it here. And be sure to catch it.

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Let’s Make Fun of Web 2.0 Week – these past few days saw an assorted number of tools that take a funny swipe (in the form of parody) at Web 2.0 – funny and biting and possbily a sign of the times (aka when the shit detectors come out of the woodworks you know you either have a bubble on your hands or the new buzzwords going around are going out of control and starting to piss people off).

My favs: Web 2.0 Logo Creator | Bullshitr Beta | Buzzphrase Generator | Web 2.0 Company Name Generator.

Are we in a bubble? How the fuck should I know, but I don’t think so. Financial bubble: No! Crazy Ideas Bubble: Probably!

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Are We Talking About Web 3.0 Already?Duncan Riley over the The Blogging Times talks about how he sees Web3.0 in the years to come. Read it and give it some food for thought

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Mike Rundle’s Long Tail – smart post from 9rules number two man, Mike Rundle who hits a home run with his ideas on niche targeting, blogging and the long tail. And then he sells the idea that 9rules can do it for ya. I’m a long tail guy and it was a good read … so read it!

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NetVibes is Shit Hot – In a round about way (through commenting at a Mike Sigers post) I came back and fell in love with NetVibes – it being “a customizable Web 2.0 home page/portal solution”. It’s very Ajaxy and very customizable and I spent way too much time on it last night. And they’ve just got $15m in VC funding. Watch em!

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Performancing Exchange and some numbers – Much needed IMO, the newly released Performancing Exchange “is a classifieds style marketplace for the professional blogging community.” It’s free for now they say – meaning it won’t be for long. Nice way to see what bloggers are looking for and/or want. And shit, if it can bring toegther a want and a need then we all win.

Also on the Performancing front, their blogging tool Performancing for Firefox has been now downloaded 200,000 times. Well done, guys.

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Have Goals or Are You Flying by the Seat of Your Pants – want to know how NOT to Achieve Your Goals? Then read this little account between Darren and friend.

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And finally … PopCrunch The Show seems to be going strong – it’s up to Show #15. David Krug letting Brigitte do her thing: smart move, man!

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And I’ll see you later on this week for v.5 of The Blog Columnist … and don’t forget, my column that will begin this Wednesday (and every Wednesday) over at The Blog Herald.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”
– Hunter S. Thompson



The Blog Columnist v3.01

August 21, 2006

It’s official.

Matt, the head honcho over at BlogMedia Inc, who runs The Blog Herald made the announcment:

Martin Neumann Joins The Blog Herald

Thank you. Thank you for the applause. And here’s the scoop:

It’s a once a week column (every Wednesday) and I’ve been given total free reign to write about whatever I want to write about. Cool, ha! And if you know gonzo, then you know to expect the unexpected.

Here’s a sneak preview of the name and logo that will be attached to my column…

eGonzo Weekly at The Blog Herald

Check it out on Wednesday … and every other Wednesdays.

It’s official.

Matt, the head honcho over at BlogMedia Inc, who runs The Blog Herald made the announcment:

Martin Neumann Joins The Blog Herald

Thank you. Thank you for the applause. And here’s the scoop:

It’s a once a week column (every Wednesday) and I’ve been given total free reign to write about whatever I want to write about. Cool, ha! And if you know gonzo, then you know to expect the unexpected.

Here’s a sneak preview of the name and logo that will be attached to my column…

eGonzo Weekly at The Blog Herald

Check it out on Wednesday … and every other Wednesdays.

The Blog Columnist v3

August 19, 2006

Why Digg is Doomed
I have never particularly liked Digg. Not sure why, just knew that it would come to something like this – this being AOL apparently being caught out spamming (or gaming as they call it) digg.

The comments this recieved was priceless. I can’t believe how so many people just don’t get it. Are there that many stupid people out there. This guy gets it…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are You Addicted to YouTube?
The online community the world over heaved a huge collective sigh of relief when YouTube came back from the dead – after 6 hours of being down during the week.

OMG! I couldn’t get my daily dose of The Colbert Report – God damn that shit is funny and God damn you YouTube for being the cause for frittering away millions upon millions of hours every day the world over: we salute you!.

YouTube: The great productivity killer. We’re would we be without you – you’ve brought some color to the web.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

coComments or co.mments … or anything else
I’ll admit … I’m a comment junkie. I leave comments across a wide range of blogs. And I NEED to keep track of my commenting.

I’ve used coComments then moved to co.mments and am now trying out coComments again – but I’m still not happy with either. Both have their good and bad points. Now I’m using both to finally decide.

co.mments is good because it’s simple but lags in collecting new comments to my liking. coComments is more feature packed but again is a little buggy with not always tracking comments. I also can’t find a way to delete a post I’m tracking I don’t want to track anymore. That sucks.

All I want is a simple (don’t throw in all the bells and whistles) comment tracker that works.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Know More Media’s first faux pas
I’m a big fan of Know More Media, a blog network that covers business and does a good job of it too.

It has usually stayed out of the limelight when the usual blog flareup occurs and I admire them for their constant goodwill across the blogosphere.

But with their involvement with Chartreuse and his New Orleans blogging excursion I think they’ve made their first mistake. And prominent blogger at KMM, Easton Ellsworth, admits to some mistakes being made.

My main concern is not what’s behind the idea (investigative blogging journalism on what’s happening in New Orleans after Katrina ripped it to shreds last year) but that they are straying from their niche, which is business. It devalues their whole efforts in building up a business bog network if they start branching out into other areas.

My other concern is that they, and many others, got caught up in all the hype that is “Chartreuse”. It’s been amazing to watch the fanbase and hoopla around Prince and his idiosyncratic blogging at ChartreuseBETA. I wonder sometimes if people drink the Kool Aid without thinking, hypnotized by the lure of getting onside with Prince. I must say it’s an amazing social experiement, to watch the rise of ChartreuseBETA, to see how others interact with him.

There’s also a major ongoing shit-storm between this group of bloggers and the many bloggers in New Orleans. Sadly, Know More Media, with all their good intentions, get tainted.

I’d say stick to doing business. You’re good at it and no matter what anyone says, you’re being challenged by b5media’s move into business blogging. Don’t take your eye off the ball.


Out of this current New Orleans mess (and it is very ugly) I must give kudos to Aaron Brazell for his post – Team New Orleans, Got the Memo? 100% Spot on! And he follows up with Alienating the Longtail: How to Win a Popularity Contest – an independent voice of reason: finally!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, and the surprise … very shortly you can check my new column at … (drumroll) The Blog Herald. Yup, they made me an offer that was way too good to let slip by- oh, that and a mutual love affair with scotch sealed the deal. More on this next week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

See you Monday for more at The Blog Columnist.

The Blog Columnist v2

August 16, 2006

Welcome to The Blog Columnist v2 – the Wednesday edition. I’m trying to keep the tidbits short and sweet. Bare with me as I settle into it. Enjoy …

New Columnist at The Blogging Times
Yup. My new blog friend Duncan hinted last week and this week it was announed. Duncan Riley, former editor of The Blog Herald will be a columnist over at The Blogging Times.

Good move by The Blogging Times in getting Duncan on board as he’ll bring an edge to the site. Seems like The Blogging Times is becoming a real player in the blog news industry – just hope that some in the blogerati scene don’t come in and use it as their avenue to try and change the world and ruin what could be something really good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lists, Lists and More Lists
Darren “the Pro Blogger guy” Rowse has had a long love affair with list posts. So what better way to mix his love with his group writing he’s into lately, a handful of nice prizes and watch this go crazy and off the charts. Check it out…

It’s basic: write a list-type post and win and win even bigger with link love. I’m writing my list post write now! Expect an overdose of List posts in your rss reader for days to come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Blog Herald’s Podcast
For much too long, The Blog Herald seemed to be in the doldrums after BlogMedia, Inc snapped it up. It seemed to be heading know where and nowhere fast. But what a come back!

A splash of new paint, new writers and columnists and now … the Blog Herald Podcast.

I’m reviewing here the recent podcasts 4 & 5 which featured the interview with Aaron Brazell who was The Blog Herald’s man on the ground at the recent WordCamp 2006 get-together on all things WordPress (plus I keep hearing the BBQ was something to die for!).

Okay. Let’s get this straight. I’m no podcast expert. I have never done a podcast. But I listen to a few of them. And this podcast has hit its straps fairly quickly.

The show features a news wrap of the blogosphere and includes Matt’s own personal opinions on said items. The interview with Aaron was a fine chat about various topics – Part one was a little dull, with the exception being Aaron talking about David Krug … the “real” David Krug. And it was in Part two that Aaron had his say on an issue he was passionate about: Om Malik’s presentation at WordCamp and something to do with the old journo/blogger debate.

Most podcast interviews are rough. Blame this on Skype. And in this instance it was no different. It sounded as if Aaron was talking while sitting on the throne: tinny sound. It contrasted more so because when Matt spoke it was smooth sounding … which goes onto my next item: The size of the podcasts. Show #1 goes for under 23 minutes yet is 41.5Mb in size; Show #2 goes for under 22 minutes and comes in at 39.3Mb – that’s some heavy duty downloading.

Apart from those small issues, I’m loving the show. It brings a real personality to The Blog Herald. And I love the ending song – it really sticks in your head. 😉

I just hope, and that’s what I hate about most podcasts, is that they stick to a regular schedule. I’ve seen far too many once a week podcasts turn into monthly podcasts, turn into whenever I feel like it podcasts.

But I’ve got this sneaking suspicision that the BlogMedia guys are in this for the long haul.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Books Galore
A great list of Essential Books for Bloggers compiled by Darren over at ProBlogger – but with a difference.

He’s asked his audience (aka a group project) for input, so what you have here is a wide variety of books coming from many pundits. Yes they all link to Darren’s Amazon affiliate – so what! A great idea such as this deserves some payment in kind – more so if you come across something that changes your life.

I know I’m going on a cruise through the links to Amazon because I know I’ll find books I never heard off … and should’ve.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blogger Still Sucks … Long Live WordPress!
Seems that Google’s Blogger is kicking up a gear with a swag of new features (in Beta stage of course – no web 2.0 can do without that Beta badge). Best post on this goes to

Check out InstaBlokes first impressions.

Personally, I stopped using Blogger within weeks of getting into blogging and quickly figuring out that WordPress was the way to go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blog Authoring Tools: You Have a New Player
As always late to the game, when Microsoft come a coming they go full on. And with their blog-authoring tool, Windows Live Writer, expect nothing less as the Redmond guys try to clean up the competition.

Chris over at Performancing gives it a decent going over.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Commenting Gone Mad
Finally, watch it all live as Liz whips up her weekly commenting frenzy.

It’ll end up between 300 – 500 comments, probably crashing b5’s servers (again) and go in all directions (ie: there is no topic – just be nice). I usually end up at the place by myself as all the regulars have come and gone by the time I get around to it.

Want to give yourself a headache, quick time? Then read the comments from start to finish. 😉

Or if you don’t like headaches then do as Liz prefers, just jump in anwhere, anyhow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That was your Wednesday dose of The Blog Columist and I’ll see you on Friday.

The Blog Columnist v1

August 14, 2006

The Blog Columnist. Post #1. Welcome. And enjoy …

Congrats and kudos to b5media as they approach their 100,000,000th page view – according to Duncan Riley. Impressive numbers guys and gal. Now what have you got installed for us next – the blog network industry is pretty much watching you guys seeing that JCal has more or less gone to the otherside.

But you know what I want to know and what has bugged me from day one (I’m simple sometimes in that way) – who were the other 2 that were going to be part of the original b5?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Flash has recently turned 10. Ten years already!

Of course we know what Flash is: an impressive app that presents audio and video on the web – great for short, quirky games, and other presentations when you can call on demand … but much maligned (and rightly so in 99% of cases) when placed within websites … or when Flash IS the whole website.

Read about the life and times of Flash at Wired News.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A shit storm of sorts errutped last week over the noble efforts of super cool blogger Prince Campbell (aka Chartreuse), Know More Media and a host of others in gathering a posse and heading on down to New Orleans to get the “real” story, on the ground.

Seems that there are, and have been for a long time, quite a few blogs and bloggers doing their stuff on the ground in New Orleans – mainly unheard – who didn’t take kindly to the “blogerati” barging in.

Two issues here: #1: Now they are being heard, and if it takes a so-called “blogerati” to do it then who cares – it’s a win for all.

Issue #2: Really, this “Blogerati” maybe should have done some research and realized that Yup, there are many bloggers doing their bit in New Orleans. Rather than acting like the “blogerati” they just as easily could have rounded up all these unheard off bloggers into one giant co-op and pushed it for all it’s worth.

At the end of the day, blogerati or no blogerati, this is all about one thing: getting to know the real story about what’s happening in New Orleans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

David Krug, known to many as “Cowboy” and initially coming to fame from the blog Jack Of all Blogs (as well as all of his snark, ups and downs and 1001 unfinished ventures and ideas) has recieved his fair share of attacks over the last year – none more so from yours truly … and mostly, they have been justified (but of course, that’s from my perspective).

But the attack has gone to a new level with Loren from 1938 Media going vitriolic in a recent post sparked by a Krug post at another one of his frequent blogs.

One thought: Extremely Nasty!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally, copyright issues on the internet (particularly in the blogosphere) are on the table again with another shit storm coming from the Chartreuse stables. Seems some folks didn’t like Prince (who thinks everything on the internet is a free-for-all) using pictures from the mega successful WordCamp 2006. Check out the posts and comments here and here. Prince has an interesting stance and is an idealists all the way – he really does want to change they way things are done. Sorry big fella, not this time. Matt from The Blog Herald sums it up very nicely.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Question I Want/Need Answered…

  • Duncan Riley is about to start a column, and it’s not at b5. Where?
  • Will the juggernaut that is TechCrunch ever stop?
  • What is 9rules‘ monetetization strategy? We want to know!
  • Will Martin Neumann ever finish Liz’s eBook?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a good blogging week… and come back Wednesday for another instalment.

Aw Crap!

August 13, 2006

Well there goes my honeymoon period with using Performancing to write and publish this blog.

I’m halfway through my first post, and I’m flying … and I click on “Save as Note” as any good paranoid writer whose learnt the hard way: Back Up! And each time it saves it, it saves it as a new note (didn’t do it in the last version) and on one of my saves it wiped out what I had written since my last “save” … and I couldn’t get it back.


Update: This stinks. I’m going back to how I blogged previously – ie: I basically used the performancing plugin as an editor (easy to write and store stuff on the fly) and would post by cut n’ pasting it into my wordpress frontend. Sounds like a stopid way of doing tings but surprisingly it worked well for me.

Some serious issues with “Save as Note” feature with the plugin. I type a few lines and click – It advises me a note of that same name already exists – would I like to override it? Yes I would. I click and go back to it and what’s recently written is not there. Not Good.

I’ll delete my blog details from Performancing and see if the new version still works (and saves!!!) as it did perfectly fine with the previous version. If not, I gotta dump it and move on.