What’s with the cultural cringe … mate!

September 5, 2006

Okay. So the news is everywhere. Steve Irwin, “The Crocodile Hunter” has died.

A very sad and personal day. You can read about it at The Australian.

~ ~ ~

What caught my attention from all this attention on Australia is the realising just how much of that cultural cringe there is in us.

What the Fuck! How unbelievably sad … and you know what? It creeps up on you and you realise shit, are we all like that! And the answer is … Yes, it would appear so.

Shit, there’s even a bloody Wikipedia page on cultural cringe, which was unsurprisingly coined by an Aussie for Aussies about Aussies and how we see ourselves in the world.

I mean how sad is it that we gleefully watch overseas (mainly America) news items when Australia is mentioned; it’s like “look at me, look at me, ma!” We’re being noticed. On CNN! Wow! Like we need worldwide praise for being Australian.

Fuck that shit! Bring out the “Crikeys”, the “G’day’s”, the “Mate’s” … “Bloody”. Lets be Australian. Stop with the inferiority complex and go about our Australian way of life … and it is a unique Australian way of life we live. And we gotta start loving it, mate!


~ ~ ~

Finally, no matter what we say and want to believe about the blogosphere, when something big happens we always go straight to mainstream media … always!

And this time it has been no different.

The blogosphere simply can’t match the resources that tradtional media have at their disposal in reporting and brining out news – the blogosphere is basically a giant opinion mixer with “columnists” scattered across the globe. And is that a good thing? Well, checking out some blogs and how they have gone about “blogging” this death … it’s not a bad thing at all.

Some really disappointing stuff I’ve come up against. I’ll post no links because I don’t want to waste your time.

~ ~ ~

I’ll leave you with this …

…yet back here in my own country, some people find me a little bit embarrassing. You know, there’s this… they kind of cringe, you know, ’cause I’m coming out with “Crikey” and “Look at this beauty”. Just say what you’re gonna say, mate. You know, is it a cultural cringe? Is it, um, they actually see a little bit of themselves, um, when they see me, and they find that a little embarrassing? I’m fair dinkum, like kangaroos and Land Cruisers, winged keels and bloody flies! I think we’ve lost all that.
Steve Irwin – ABC’s Australian Story

Update: Seems like The Blog Herald has attracted a number of comments in regards to the death of Steve Irwin, most of them genuine out-pourings of immediate emotions.


12 Responses to “What’s with the cultural cringe … mate!”

  1. Matt Says:

    Great picture up top Martin.

    And in the end, it’s about just being who you are. I think what we saw from Steve Irwin is who he is – and I respect him for living his life that way.

    And what’s this vegemite crap? πŸ˜‰

  2. Martin Says:

    G’day Matt,

    nice pic, eh … courtersy of Flickr.

    “Just be who you are” – you’re spot on. I guess my rant (via this post) is really an open letter to other Australians, who will know exactly what I’m on about. If not, they’re kidding themselves.

    vegemite – you no like??? it grows on you (and I don’t mean it literally) … but I can only take it in very small doses. πŸ™‚

    Even I don’t love Australia that much that I’d force feed you vegemite. πŸ˜‰

  3. I loved him and was sad today. I thought he did you country proud. Original, caring, fearless. May g-d watch over him, and bless his family.

  4. Martin Says:

    well said, Loren …

    For me, it’s a personal tradegy – for his family, his kids – forget the fame, two kids are now without their Dad.

  5. Martin Says:

    BTW Loren … all the best in N.O – I think what we need here is less words and more video and images.

  6. Agreed Martin,I will do my best.

  7. vanesica Says:

    Fuck that shit! Bring out the β€œCrikeys”, the β€œG’day’s”, the β€œMate’s” … β€œBloody”. Lets be Australian.

    And we’ll be your northern friends; the US’s 51st state where the Canadians live πŸ˜‰ eh?

  8. Martin Says:

    vanesica – why has it taken so long for America to snatch up Canada?

    I like Canada and Canadian – lots of friends there – and both our countries are much alike… we should gang up and invade America. πŸ™‚

  9. vanesica Says:

    It is still too cold up here for the US to take over. As global warming increases the threat of a takeover could become real. OMG.

    he he

  10. Mr Angry Says:

    I’m from the country and I do actually used the occasional strewth and even fair dinkum. Not crikey though – I think I’ll let Steve keep that, even posthumously. I’ve never had time who judge people but surface level things. Give people long enough and they’ll give you a legitimate reason to hate them πŸ™‚

  11. Martin Says:

    Mr Angry – strewth, you’re from the country!

    I’d love to see you do one of your YouTube video’s plastered with all the Aussie slang you can think off – lets confuse the rest of the world. πŸ™‚

  12. Martin Says:

    Vanesica – But I always thought that Canada was a natural extension of America, almost a pseudo 51st state.

    I know how you Canadians just can’t wait to be merged into the good ol’ U S of A.

    He He Ha Ha πŸ™‚

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