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August 19, 2006

Why Digg is Doomed
I have never particularly liked Digg. Not sure why, just knew that it would come to something like this – this being AOL apparently being caught out spamming (or gaming as they call it) digg.

The comments this recieved was priceless. I can’t believe how so many people just don’t get it. Are there that many stupid people out there. This guy gets it…

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Are You Addicted to YouTube?
The online community the world over heaved a huge collective sigh of relief when YouTube came back from the dead – after 6 hours of being down during the week.

OMG! I couldn’t get my daily dose of The Colbert Report – God damn that shit is funny and God damn you YouTube for being the cause for frittering away millions upon millions of hours every day the world over: we salute you!.

YouTube: The great productivity killer. We’re would we be without you – you’ve brought some color to the web.

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coComments or co.mments … or anything else
I’ll admit … I’m a comment junkie. I leave comments across a wide range of blogs. And I NEED to keep track of my commenting.

I’ve used coComments then moved to co.mments and am now trying out coComments again – but I’m still not happy with either. Both have their good and bad points. Now I’m using both to finally decide.

co.mments is good because it’s simple but lags in collecting new comments to my liking. coComments is more feature packed but again is a little buggy with not always tracking comments. I also can’t find a way to delete a post I’m tracking I don’t want to track anymore. That sucks.

All I want is a simple (don’t throw in all the bells and whistles) comment tracker that works.

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Know More Media’s first faux pas
I’m a big fan of Know More Media, a blog network that covers business and does a good job of it too.

It has usually stayed out of the limelight when the usual blog flareup occurs and I admire them for their constant goodwill across the blogosphere.

But with their involvement with Chartreuse and his New Orleans blogging excursion I think they’ve made their first mistake. And prominent blogger at KMM, Easton Ellsworth, admits to some mistakes being made.

My main concern is not what’s behind the idea (investigative blogging journalism on what’s happening in New Orleans after Katrina ripped it to shreds last year) but that they are straying from their niche, which is business. It devalues their whole efforts in building up a business bog network if they start branching out into other areas.

My other concern is that they, and many others, got caught up in all the hype that is “Chartreuse”. It’s been amazing to watch the fanbase and hoopla around Prince and his idiosyncratic blogging at ChartreuseBETA. I wonder sometimes if people drink the Kool Aid without thinking, hypnotized by the lure of getting onside with Prince. I must say it’s an amazing social experiement, to watch the rise of ChartreuseBETA, to see how others interact with him.

There’s also a major ongoing shit-storm between this group of bloggers and the many bloggers in New Orleans. Sadly, Know More Media, with all their good intentions, get tainted.

I’d say stick to doing business. You’re good at it and no matter what anyone says, you’re being challenged by b5media’s move into business blogging. Don’t take your eye off the ball.


Out of this current New Orleans mess (and it is very ugly) I must give kudos to Aaron Brazell for his post – Team New Orleans, Got the Memo? 100% Spot on! And he follows up with Alienating the Longtail: How to Win a Popularity Contest – an independent voice of reason: finally!

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Oh, and the surprise … very shortly you can check my new column at … (drumroll) The Blog Herald. Yup, they made me an offer that was way too good to let slip by- oh, that and a mutual love affair with scotch sealed the deal. More on this next week.

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See you Monday for more at The Blog Columnist.

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  1. Martin Says:

    I’m not one for censorship and all that, but I’ve turned comments off and for a “gonzo” like myself I hate to do such shit … but there’s too much ugly crap flying around.

    Everyone take a chill pill of your choice and ease up a little. Now back to my “Xanax and Red Wine’ … which by the way was going to be the title of a U2 song – but they chickend out I guess.

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