The Blog Columnist v2

August 16, 2006

Welcome to The Blog Columnist v2 – the Wednesday edition. I’m trying to keep the tidbits short and sweet. Bare with me as I settle into it. Enjoy …

New Columnist at The Blogging Times
Yup. My new blog friend Duncan hinted last week and this week it was announed. Duncan Riley, former editor of The Blog Herald will be a columnist over at The Blogging Times.

Good move by The Blogging Times in getting Duncan on board as he’ll bring an edge to the site. Seems like The Blogging Times is becoming a real player in the blog news industry – just hope that some in the blogerati scene don’t come in and use it as their avenue to try and change the world and ruin what could be something really good.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lists, Lists and More Lists
Darren “the Pro Blogger guy” Rowse has had a long love affair with list posts. So what better way to mix his love with his group writing he’s into lately, a handful of nice prizes and watch this go crazy and off the charts. Check it out…

It’s basic: write a list-type post and win and win even bigger with link love. I’m writing my list post write now! Expect an overdose of List posts in your rss reader for days to come.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Blog Herald’s Podcast
For much too long, The Blog Herald seemed to be in the doldrums after BlogMedia, Inc snapped it up. It seemed to be heading know where and nowhere fast. But what a come back!

A splash of new paint, new writers and columnists and now … the Blog Herald Podcast.

I’m reviewing here the recent podcasts 4 & 5 which featured the interview with Aaron Brazell who was The Blog Herald’s man on the ground at the recent WordCamp 2006 get-together on all things WordPress (plus I keep hearing the BBQ was something to die for!).

Okay. Let’s get this straight. I’m no podcast expert. I have never done a podcast. But I listen to a few of them. And this podcast has hit its straps fairly quickly.

The show features a news wrap of the blogosphere and includes Matt’s own personal opinions on said items. The interview with Aaron was a fine chat about various topics – Part one was a little dull, with the exception being Aaron talking about David Krug … the “real” David Krug. And it was in Part two that Aaron had his say on an issue he was passionate about: Om Malik’s presentation at WordCamp and something to do with the old journo/blogger debate.

Most podcast interviews are rough. Blame this on Skype. And in this instance it was no different. It sounded as if Aaron was talking while sitting on the throne: tinny sound. It contrasted more so because when Matt spoke it was smooth sounding … which goes onto my next item: The size of the podcasts. Show #1 goes for under 23 minutes yet is 41.5Mb in size; Show #2 goes for under 22 minutes and comes in at 39.3Mb – that’s some heavy duty downloading.

Apart from those small issues, I’m loving the show. It brings a real personality to The Blog Herald. And I love the ending song – it really sticks in your head. 😉

I just hope, and that’s what I hate about most podcasts, is that they stick to a regular schedule. I’ve seen far too many once a week podcasts turn into monthly podcasts, turn into whenever I feel like it podcasts.

But I’ve got this sneaking suspicision that the BlogMedia guys are in this for the long haul.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Books Galore
A great list of Essential Books for Bloggers compiled by Darren over at ProBlogger – but with a difference.

He’s asked his audience (aka a group project) for input, so what you have here is a wide variety of books coming from many pundits. Yes they all link to Darren’s Amazon affiliate – so what! A great idea such as this deserves some payment in kind – more so if you come across something that changes your life.

I know I’m going on a cruise through the links to Amazon because I know I’ll find books I never heard off … and should’ve.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blogger Still Sucks … Long Live WordPress!
Seems that Google’s Blogger is kicking up a gear with a swag of new features (in Beta stage of course – no web 2.0 can do without that Beta badge). Best post on this goes to

Check out InstaBlokes first impressions.

Personally, I stopped using Blogger within weeks of getting into blogging and quickly figuring out that WordPress was the way to go.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blog Authoring Tools: You Have a New Player
As always late to the game, when Microsoft come a coming they go full on. And with their blog-authoring tool, Windows Live Writer, expect nothing less as the Redmond guys try to clean up the competition.

Chris over at Performancing gives it a decent going over.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Commenting Gone Mad
Finally, watch it all live as Liz whips up her weekly commenting frenzy.

It’ll end up between 300 – 500 comments, probably crashing b5’s servers (again) and go in all directions (ie: there is no topic – just be nice). I usually end up at the place by myself as all the regulars have come and gone by the time I get around to it.

Want to give yourself a headache, quick time? Then read the comments from start to finish. 😉

Or if you don’t like headaches then do as Liz prefers, just jump in anwhere, anyhow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That was your Wednesday dose of The Blog Columist and I’ll see you on Friday.


5 Responses to “The Blog Columnist v2”

  1. Matt Says:

    thanks for the kind words about The Blog Herald and the podcast.

    The sound on the other end sucks on the interviews. We actually are going to tear down and rewire how we’re handling Skype for interviews on Friday – with some new cables that just arrived we can control that audio separately.. so it should sound alot better – especially after running through the processor/mixer/gate and all…

    or so we hope 😉

    Thanks again!

  2. Martin Says:

    Not a problem. I try to say it like I see it. And I can see big things for your podcast.

    The sound issue: see, it’s not just about your podcast – it’s 90% of podcasts with interviews I listen to. The Skype interview call sound is sub-standard. But it looks like you’ve got the technical side of things planned well … and all that tech talk has gone over my head. 🙂

    All the best and I’ll be listening.

  3. Blog Bloke Says:

    “Personally, I stopped using Blogger within weeks of getting into blogging and quickly figuring out that WordPress was the way to go.”

    True, but you can’t be the price.



  4. Martin Says:


    You can beat the price – both are free, albeit the hosting and the domain I grant ya. but c’mon – max. $30-40 a year ($10 domain name and $30 hosting).

    Okay, you’re right – you can’t beat the price.

    But I like to tinker with my blogging, so I gotta go with WP.

  5. cqkgjytmwg Says:

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    cqkgjytmwgcqkgjytmwgcqkgjytmwg cqkgjytmwg

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