The Blog Columnist v1

August 14, 2006

The Blog Columnist. Post #1. Welcome. And enjoy …

Congrats and kudos to b5media as they approach their 100,000,000th page view – according to Duncan Riley. Impressive numbers guys and gal. Now what have you got installed for us next – the blog network industry is pretty much watching you guys seeing that JCal has more or less gone to the otherside.

But you know what I want to know and what has bugged me from day one (I’m simple sometimes in that way) – who were the other 2 that were going to be part of the original b5?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Flash has recently turned 10. Ten years already!

Of course we know what Flash is: an impressive app that presents audio and video on the web – great for short, quirky games, and other presentations when you can call on demand … but much maligned (and rightly so in 99% of cases) when placed within websites … or when Flash IS the whole website.

Read about the life and times of Flash at Wired News.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A shit storm of sorts errutped last week over the noble efforts of super cool blogger Prince Campbell (aka Chartreuse), Know More Media and a host of others in gathering a posse and heading on down to New Orleans to get the “real” story, on the ground.

Seems that there are, and have been for a long time, quite a few blogs and bloggers doing their stuff on the ground in New Orleans – mainly unheard – who didn’t take kindly to the “blogerati” barging in.

Two issues here: #1: Now they are being heard, and if it takes a so-called “blogerati” to do it then who cares – it’s a win for all.

Issue #2: Really, this “Blogerati” maybe should have done some research and realized that Yup, there are many bloggers doing their bit in New Orleans. Rather than acting like the “blogerati” they just as easily could have rounded up all these unheard off bloggers into one giant co-op and pushed it for all it’s worth.

At the end of the day, blogerati or no blogerati, this is all about one thing: getting to know the real story about what’s happening in New Orleans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

David Krug, known to many as “Cowboy” and initially coming to fame from the blog Jack Of all Blogs (as well as all of his snark, ups and downs and 1001 unfinished ventures and ideas) has recieved his fair share of attacks over the last year – none more so from yours truly … and mostly, they have been justified (but of course, that’s from my perspective).

But the attack has gone to a new level with Loren from 1938 Media going vitriolic in a recent post sparked by a Krug post at another one of his frequent blogs.

One thought: Extremely Nasty!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally, copyright issues on the internet (particularly in the blogosphere) are on the table again with another shit storm coming from the Chartreuse stables. Seems some folks didn’t like Prince (who thinks everything on the internet is a free-for-all) using pictures from the mega successful WordCamp 2006. Check out the posts and comments here and here. Prince has an interesting stance and is an idealists all the way – he really does want to change they way things are done. Sorry big fella, not this time. Matt from The Blog Herald sums it up very nicely.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Question I Want/Need Answered…

  • Duncan Riley is about to start a column, and it’s not at b5. Where?
  • Will the juggernaut that is TechCrunch ever stop?
  • What is 9rules‘ monetetization strategy? We want to know!
  • Will Martin Neumann ever finish Liz’s eBook?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have a good blogging week… and come back Wednesday for another instalment.

4 Responses to “The Blog Columnist v1”

  1. AndrewE Says:

    People need to learn to be just that…people and get over themselves

  2. Martin Says:

    AndrewE – I agree … now which item are you referring to? šŸ™‚

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