Aw Crap!

August 13, 2006

Well there goes my honeymoon period with using Performancing to write and publish this blog.

I’m halfway through my first post, and I’m flying … and I click on “Save as Note” as any good paranoid writer whose learnt the hard way: Back Up! And each time it saves it, it saves it as a new note (didn’t do it in the last version) and on one of my saves it wiped out what I had written since my last “save” … and I couldn’t get it back.


Update: This stinks. I’m going back to how I blogged previously – ie: I basically used the performancing plugin as an editor (easy to write and store stuff on the fly) and would post by cut n’ pasting it into my wordpress frontend. Sounds like a stopid way of doing tings but surprisingly it worked well for me.

Some serious issues with “Save as Note” feature with the plugin. I type a few lines and click – It advises me a note of that same name already exists – would I like to override it? Yes I would. I click and go back to it and what’s recently written is not there. Not Good.

I’ll delete my blog details from Performancing and see if the new version still works (and saves!!!) as it did perfectly fine with the previous version. If not, I gotta dump it and move on.

2 Responses to “Aw Crap!”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Nice layout Martin…but back to the post, try the latest version of Blogdesk, it supports editing old posts and html inserts, as well as all the other goodies such as Image editing.

  2. Martin Says:

    Thanks Duncan, the layout took all of 2 clicks to design 🙂

    BlogDesk – I’ve got it (actually came across it a while ago reading you go on about it).

    Nice, but I have this issue every time I start the app up it keeps asking about 7-8 times for some FrontPage or Office setup disk beforte it eventually starts up.

    I noticed it has been bought up over at BlogDesk so I’ll take a further look tonight.

    I was really disappointed in Permancing for Firefox, though – a real let down.

    BTW, I noticed you’ve commented over at my HomeOfficeVoice blog (re: clipboard) – I’ll get to that tonight.

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