The Lovefest Didn’t Last Long and What’s Fair and Balanced Reporting?

August 9, 2006

So WordCamp 2006 has come and gone. And it didn’t take long for things to get back to normal in our little corner of the internet … the so-called “blogosphere”.

super duper uber cool blogger, Prince Campbell (ChartreuseBETA) seems to want to change the world (a real revolutionary) in regards to free use of content – some call it stealing but hey, lets not get facts in the way of an idealist’s ideals.

It all started going downhill in the comments of Prince’s post where in his post he took a handful of pics from the camp. Some folks were not happy and then it all began.

Then the Krugster took aim at Chartreuse and his “bodyguard” Loren over at his new site (another one, slow down boy! You might actually finish one of these sites if you focus.)

Krug is the original snark magnet – even I took aim at him recently – but my impression of Krug is changed forever … really! … after seeing the face behind all the snark…

david krug
(credit: hornline)

That’s him in the middle and scawny little runt comes to mind. Oh well, that might explain the snark. 😉


Is this the beginning of the end of Chartreuse(BETA)’s golden run?

Will The PopCrunch Show stay awhile (me thinks Brigitte is h.o.t)?

Is The Blog Herald finally back on the rails and ready to take all before them?

Why did Mr Chartreuse buy into The Blogging Times?

Why did it take this long to leave a black mark on WordCamp (the black mark comment credited to Aaron over at Chartreuse’s comments)?

Where is Mr Darren “Mr Daddy Daycare” Rowse in all of this? It’s time he put snark on his resume.

And Scrivs: are you black or are you white?

(note: those last three are stupid questions)

But seriously…

Why doesn’t Prince Campbell head on over to New Orleans seeing he is sooo passionate about the issues? Just a thought.

Further to that, even though his efforts are noble, they are flawed, IMHO. He’s sending over a bunch who know fully well how Prince feels about what’s going on in N.O. – so will his coverage be fair and balanced? Will he seek out only the bad stuff and neglect any progress? Will he censor so that it spins in his direction.

Only time will tell.

The too’ing and fro’ing about journalist are better than bloggers at reporting the real deal .. no, bloggers are better than journalists are … Guess what: Who Gives a Flying Fuck!!!

Everyone has their own biases (some more so than others) – that’s why multiple sources of news is what is needed. Heck, if I watched only Fox News I’d end up a raving right-wing lunatic – hence why I include a daily dose of CNN, BBC, The Simpsons and a handful of blogs for my news – that and Google News gives me a good all-round picture.

Ahhh, isn’t it all fun and games in the blogosphere? We Laugh, We Rant, We Cry, We Wage War, and We Bring Peace … then we rinse and repeat.

Carry on…

3 Responses to “The Lovefest Didn’t Last Long and What’s Fair and Balanced Reporting?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Man, I’m glad you’re back writing about blogging 🙂

    And Brigette is hot.

    Enjoying your own brand of snark —

  2. Martin Says:

    Thanks Matt

    It’s fun writing about blogging, ain’t it?

    But to have some fun you’ve got to add some personal opinions – be it snark, irony, rant, sarcasism, whatever…

    I’ve learned over time that eveyone loves to be talked about (linkbait 101), it’s an ego thing – eveyone has one.

    But the big thing is, is that I can pretty much say whatever I want because this is ony a personal blog and I’m not counting on revenue from this.

    Brigette (those eyes!) – she might actually save DK. If he handles it right she can quite easily end up being the next Amanda whatshername.

  3. David Krug Says:

    Now you know a few of the tricks up my sleeve. Lesson one shut up as often as I can. Which is really hard. Number two surround myself with smarter, more beautiful people than myself. Three keep changing.

    Thanks Martin. And yeah I’m a skinny, snarker.


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