Girls, Girls, Girls

August 3, 2006

Girls, Girls, Girls
Long legs and burgundy lips
Dancin’ down on Sunset Strip
Red lips, fingertips

Trick or treat-sweet to eat
On Halloween and New Year’s Eve
Yankee girls ya just can’t beat
But they’re the best when they’re off their feet

Girls, Girls, Girls
At the Dollhouse in Ft. Lauderdale
Girls, Girls. Girls
Rocking in Atlanta at Tattletails
Girls, Girls, Girls
Raising Hell at the 7th Veil Have you read the news
In the Soho Tribune
Ya know she did me
Well then she broke my heart

I’m such a good good boy
I just need e new toy
I tell ya what, girl
Dance for me, I’ll keep you overemployed
Just tell me a story
You know the one I mean

Crazy Horse, Paris, France
Forget the names, remember romance
I got the photos, a menage a trois
Musta broke those Frenchies laws with those

No … it’s not the poet in me – this is the lyrics to Motley Crue’s Girls, Girls, Girls – circa ’89, around the time Nikki Sixx was chasing the dragon and Tommy Lee was still a relatively unknown celeb. I was 19 and God knows what happened to my 20’s. All I recall was getting a bunch of tattoos, drinking binges, some other nasty habits (but fun at the time) I shall not mention … and the constant skirt chasing. The constant skirt chasing! Ahhh. Those where the days! If only I could re-live em over and over and over.

Isn’t life a bitch growing (up) old – do we ever grow up or are we all young shmucks in grown up bodies. I’m closer to 40 than 30 and I still feel like a young shmuck that perves at every semi-hard body that crosses my path.

So … Oooohh I like girls. I’m a sucka for a pretty face … and body … and the rest. I really am !

Anyhoo, here are my favs. It’s 1am. I’ve just come back from a boooring seminar (I daydreamed throughout slow dancing with Angelina Jolie) … and I’m totally sober doing this! It just doesn’t seem right: one of my rules when starting this blog was that I had to be slilghtly inebriated (and better yet: totally whacked out of my brain) and writing spur of the moment gibberish at 3am in the morning.

Still, Enjoy …


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have nothing more to add. They’re hot. I’m hot … time for a cold shower … cya 😉

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