Duncan vs Yaro

June 28, 2006

Interesting to see the flame up between Duncan and Yaro this week.

Poor Yaro didn’t know what hit him.

Duncan: a dog with a bone. All class. Is he the original Cowboy? Looks like he wants to take over the reigns from DK, who is doing stellar stuff (aka: rubbish) these days.

But I think poor old Dunc is fighting out of his division. Yaro is a thinker, a great writer and has produced quality original ideas week-in, week-out (okay, maybe his affiliate push lately is not for everyone) … whereas Duncan: sorry, can’t think of anything you’ve done that’s worthwhile lately ever, unless you deam bitter, angry posts quality stuff.

Quick Dunc … there’s a Britney scoop happening somewhere 😉

2 Responses to “Duncan vs Yaro”

  1. Duncan Says:

    3 words my friend “The Blog Herald”. As for these days I’m more in the background behind the scenese, and things like Britneygroupie are more of a lark from my main work, which is building b5media.

    As for Cowboy, I’ve been around a lot longer than that and fighting spam (mainly at The Blog Herald) for many years, even back in the days where blog spam first emerged (yep, there was a day we didn’t deal with blog spam), and hence I wont apologise for continuing the good fight on occasion against those who pollute the web with scam products.

  2. Martin Says:

    Yup, I’m on your side re: spam – but you could’ve taken it private with Yaro without smacking him around publicly, given him a chance since he’s never gotten involved in any blog flareups before.

    Just read your latest post, credit where credit is due, must hand it to you – good investigative stuff. It’s real murky beneath the surface of what the public sees of these spammers.

    The other stuff I’m slapping you around with – take it for what it’s worth: I’m just piss-farting around, actually really like the way b5 is going – good stuff with the fox thing.

    Maybe I’m still pissed with that stupid fucking free kick that took us out of the World Cup … errr

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