Won’t get into all of this, but I will…

June 16, 2006

You gotta love that kind of a headline I pulled out from a comment from the weekly blog flareup.

The players: scrivs. b5media … and the swarming masses.

At issue here is blog networks and their business models. Bloggers writing for four different blog networks. Is it too much? Are they diluiting their effectiveneness? Is it bad for business?

Firstly, we wouldn’t be having this argument if the standard business model behind blog networks was bringing in the money and/or these networks had some decent financial backing. Why?

Because then they could pay their bloggers real coin and in return expect exclusivity. But that ain’t gonna happen because the business model is still unproven and trying to gain tract.

Personally, I couldn’t see myself blogging at multiple places. No, I could but I wouldn’t see why I’d do it.

I’m of the view of … one blog, owner-operated and build it into a brand is the way to go. My total focus would be on pushing that brand as hard as I can: The best posts goes into it.

But that’s me – and everyone is different.

I’m predicting that that is why most blog networks blogs won’t break out and become stars in their own right. Most of it is writing just going through the motions. They’re not screaming “look at me, look at me”, they’re just happy to be one of the pack.

Again, it once more comes down to quality over quantity (a very touchy issue it would appear seeing the reactions throughout this flareup).

But it’s gotta be said. Blogging just to build up numbers won’t fly. I’ve seen blogs that post 5 times a day churning them out – 20-30 posts a week. Lots of link outs, very basic opinion/commentary and little or no original writing.

Give me 5 good posts a week that get inside an issue and you’ve won me over.

But that’s just me. And I’m just one reader.

I also note we’ve gotten to this situation because of the nature of the seo beast. It’s common knowledge that the best way to reap search engine gold is through continually posting new content, and as much as possible. It drives up your ranking. That is a fact.

But then you may ask: who needs the search engines if we can build up our fan base in other ways: networking our niche for example.

Won’t work because those kind of readers are Ad Blind – they’re your greatest fans but they never click. (Example: I used to visit and read ProBlogger everyday (now I scan and read from my rss reader) and I don’t recall once clicking or even noticing an Ad. I’m so into the content that I’m Ad Blind.

Whereas, it’s the casual reader coming from a search engine result that clicks.

So that is the inherent flaw in most blog networks: to get readers to click on ads you need lots of fresh eyeballs; you do that by getting them from search engines (namely Google); how do you get high up in Google? Post and post frequently.

Quality is sure to suffer in the chase for Ad Clicks.

~ ~ ~
(note: the headline comes from my friend Duncan)

If you really, really want to (note: it’s all in the comments!)…
how it started
how it spread
one network responds (without name calling)
another network replies

~~~ Ignore, just testing ~~~


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