World Cup : We Kicked Some Serious Butt

June 12, 2006

soccer.jpgAustralia 3. Japan 1.

’74 was the only time we’ve ever been to the World Cup and today was our first ever win … and what a fuckin’ beauty of a win it was.

we were gone. for all of 85 minutes. Then Bang! Bang! Bang!

Brazil! Look Out!!! 🙂

But you wanna know why Australia will never be tops in soccer (we call it soccer here in Australia, by the way)? We haven’t got it in us to go for the cheap dive … to roll around like we’ve just been shot, to … cheat!

It’s just not in our nature.

Watch these two YouTube videos and don’t tell me this doesn’t ruin a great game…

and …

~ ~ ~
Update: A Big Ouch for U.S Soccer…

One Response to “World Cup : We Kicked Some Serious Butt”

  1. r_katy Says:

    Non football related post alert:
    Green Day clip! And one where they’re not playing American Idiot!!! That was amazingly amazing, cheers!

    *and was BJ wearing a The Explosion t-shirt?

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