When I wake Up Cynical

June 8, 2006

Blog Networks. Link Farms. Blog Networks. Link Farms. Blog Networks. Link Farms … Hmmmm.

Blog Farms. Link Networks. I’ve read it somewhere before: Blog Networks are glorified link farms. On my cynical days (like today) I tend to agree to a certain extent.

(and no, fellow travellers: I did not submit to 9Rules and was rejected).

If ever I was to get into Blog Networking I’d go straight to the top and be a BlogLord – the only way! Then I could watch (and be all powerful) over all my little slaves helpers along the way to my blog nirvana (aka being bought out by some big media sucka for some serious coin).

Till then, churn out those 250-word posts, day-in, day-out …. ay, I’m dreaming the numbers: scenario: 50 blogs at 5 posts a day at 250 average words = 91,250 posts in one year and approx. 22,812,500 words. Now if I can earn say $1.50 per post that’s OMG: $136,875.

Hmmm … there might be something in this Blog Network thing.

5 Responses to “When I wake Up Cynical”

  1. yup. it’s the “Till Then” part that complicates things

  2. Mike Rundle Says:

    Haha, good stuff. Well if blog networks are glorified link farms, then is a Mercedes Benz SLK350 just a glorified Mazda Miata? Maybe an Omega Speedmaster is just a glorified Casio? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a lot of outbound links on a site, as long as you provide value to everyone who is using it. If all linkfarms were bad, then maybe Digg, Del.icio.us, Newsvine and 9rules would all be in the same boat… not a bad boat to be in πŸ˜‰

  3. Martin Says:

    Hart – it’ll be good to see where “till then” ends up. I see lots of blog networks working really hard but I just can’t see where all the money is going to come from to justify the work.

    Mike – I’m a cynical guy at times and a shit stirrer to boot. What I mean about the outbound links is that they all link to each other within the network exluding outsiders. Sometimes the only benefit I see for doing it is to build up PageRank which is of no use to the reader coming to read about a specific niche.

    BTW, I am very intrigued by 9rules. You seem to have moved to a higher level from the others (even with your dancing efforts – ie: please don’t do it again πŸ™‚ I think Scrivs can get away with it (just) … although his Lisa Loeb thing was spooky (and disturbing ;-)) to someone like me who loves Lisa Loeb.

    Now tell me, where is 9r heading? Is there a pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow?

  4. Mike Rundle Says:

    Martin, do you watch “#1 Single”, the show about Lisa Loeb trying to find love in NYC? Oh man…. best show ever.

    I definitely understand the circular linking you’re talking about, and for us, the reason for it is that we’ve been consciously building our base and providing value to our members for the past year now just because we knew we had to stay true to our members first for us to go anywhere. We realize that quality content exists outside of 9rules (we don’t have any sort of monopoly on “quality”, not by a long shot) so our next phase involves a more interactive way for both members and non-members to reach out to new audiences via 9rules.com and the 9rules Communities. It’s been in the works for awhile now, and instead of giving some half-assed nebulous launch date, I can only say it’s coming when it’s done….. which should be “soon” πŸ˜‰

    As for where we’re headed, I always get a kick out of the fact that so many people like to assume we’re following the standard weblog network business model, advertising, etc. All I can say, is that when you have 250+ members (once all the new ones are in) who are all huge 9rules supporters and evangelists, you can do a lot more things than just selling ads lol.

  5. Martin Says:

    Mike … I’ve heard of the show and am hoping it’s on Aussie cable (it better be!!!).

    You’d of course understand I’m asking you this (about your business model) exactly because the reason why you state. I’m assuming nothing. And that’s why I’m intrigued.

    I wouldn’t bother asking if I thought you’d say errr… AdSense, Chikita, Text Links Ads etc., etc., Then I’d lump you guys back in with the rest of the pack.

    You can’t leave me hanging here, mate … πŸ™‚

    Hmmm … “huge 9rules supporters and evangelists” – what can it be? web apps (like performance, 37s); a b2b network; 9rules TV; 9rules shirts and coffee mugs – help me out here πŸ™‚

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