Achtung Peoples of the Blogosphere! Stop the World Because I have Something to Announce

June 1, 2006

Fuelled by an insane addiction to the blogosphere, publishing and making money and living on coffee, nachos and the odd occassional night of inebriated revelry (aka stinking drunk) I am pleased to announce the launch of my blog: ePublishingDaily.

It will take the blogosphere by storm (modest, ha!) as I help guide the many bloggers out there away from scavaging for AdSense pennies (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and into the the world of self-publishing and potentially earning some real coin. Yup! I’m on a mission.

My slaphappy approach to blogging from now on is the result of just letting go. It’s time to have some fun. The blogosphere gets way too serious at times. Hissy fits, tantrums and blog wars. Bahh, boring!

So what’s a Motley Crue CD cover doing here? Simple. It’s one of many things fueling this blog.

If you have to know, I’ve had the headphones on blasting through Motley Crue by Motley Crue for hour after hour as I’ve readied the blog and as I’m writing this right now “Dropping Like Flies” is ripping through my brain. And they say this CD (the one without Vince Neil) sucked. Fuck that Shit! It’s kickarse heavy. I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Green Day, PowderFinger (a shit hot Aussie band) and YouTube for the additional fuel.

Anyhoo … visit ePublishingDaily and marvel and be in awe.

PS. DK: Get Better, mate (seriously).

PPS: Did I forgot to mention that I’ve started a new blog. It’s called ePublishingDaily

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