Watching a Blog Crack-Up … Live

May 23, 2006

Preface: I’ve been sitting on this post for about 4 days now wondering whether to post it or not. But today I see this and this (it’s in the comment on that last link) and I said fuck it … if you’re gonna be gonzo then be gonzo all the fucking way!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You know it had to happen. You’ve been watching. Voyeuristic. Intriguing.

The Live Blog Crack Up. It’s happening now folks. You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help yourself.

The Blogosphere’s Movie of the Week: The David Krug Story – From Obscurity to Nowhere.

Hiding behind the persona of “Cowboy”, Krug made some what of a mark being 9rules head-honcho’s “pit bull” before it all went haywire … rather quickly actually. It soon became clear that here was someone flaky (aka: slightly bonkers).

Destroying almost every blogging relationship he’s attempted or been involved in, he’s now sadly trying to re-live his 15 minutes of fame. It’s really, really sad to see … but knowing what he’s done before him … fuck him!

Now before all this, he seemed to have seen the light. Out went the snark or so he said and it was all going to be good boy times (he managed one great post and that was it).

Ever since his posts have become more and more strange, out there, desperate. Something. Is. Not. Quite. Right.

David asks where has all the snark gone in the blogopshere?

David. Snark just for Snarks’s sake is not really snark.

A sad downhill spiral. Sad, but a long time coming. Good luck, Dave (seriously).

Interested in the blog in question? If you must, click the dot ( . )

14 Responses to “Watching a Blog Crack-Up … Live”

  1. Loren Says:

    He is having a nervous breakdown it seems. Look for the suicidal last post soon.

  2. gonzoblog Says:


    I’ve watched this saga from his scrivs days last year til now. I know exactly what he’s like, what he’s done to people. Very bitter, very vengeful. He’s been up and down for a long time, just seems very lately his gone over the edge big time.

    And trust me: not many will have sympathy for him.

  3. Loren Says:

    I just realized that you were the guy who I as goofing around with at Chars site. I was wrong about you.

    You get it!

    Krug posted some more silliness. He’s a pisser.

  4. gonzoblog Says:

    Loren … It’s all fun and games over at chez Chars, I’m just what you call a shit-stirrer.

    And I do hope I get it, because I’m certain I get what Chars says 90% of the time.

    I’ve read Krugs latest. Have you heard the term “delusions of grandeur”. That’s our guy.

    Notice the big-noting he does over at Chars comments (what he’s achieved etc., ) and the fact that he blames everything and everybody but himself for the various flops.

    It’s finally caught up with him, and many in the blogosphere are calling him out now.

  5. […] You know at times I have to be honest. A mental breakdown has been in order. Let me discuss with you a bit of history. I fight a daily battle. It’s my own. I’m fairly open about it. But not to much. Last year I had the pleasure to help out at a Cancer Camp for Kids in Montana. It’s really changed how I think about my own personal battle. Almost all my online friends know nothing of my battle. No, I’m not talking about my alcoholism. That’s a whole nother can of worms. hahah. So while I don’t plan on putting up the notes to my own personal struggle as of late. I would like for Loren to think hard and long before talking about suicide as if it isn’t an option for people who struggle with health problems. Health problems are real. And maybe mine were showing on my blog. Not sure. Something to consider. But please don’t go so far as saying I’m going to post a suicide note anywhere on my blog. I mean really you never know how that’s going to hit someone. […]

  6. Loren Says:

    The crack up continues. I love this guy.

  7. gonzoblog Says:

    So at this new “Footprint” we finally get the first hint – straight from the horses mouth – that there’s possible mental health issues involved.

    Finally. It’s been a long held belief by many that that was the case.

    All we can do is wish him well and encourage him to get the help he needs.

    But if he keeps up with the rubbish he’s been producing he’ll keep getting called out.

    And based on what I read of this new Footprint co-op venture, I don’t see much to it. I mean he’s obviously struggling mentally so why take on such an audacious project?

    It seems doomed to failure but I’m sure he’ll blame outside forces rather than himself.

  8. Loren Says:

    Poor guy.

  9. jeff Says:

    whatever. the guy’s latest project will fall apart just like everything else

    he’s going to make everyone part of a llc? states have limitations on the number of llc members – and a ton of other requirements

    revenue sharing? the guy still hasn’t paid off his $500 word press theme contest. you gonna trust him with revenue sharing?

    and he wants to manage a health care process for bloggers? with what money?

    here’s the track record:

    erati. failed and sold

    fine fools. failed, left

    blogmedia. left the company.

    problogging. hardly any traffic there. hardly any posts. design still not finished from css reboot.

    laughtr. much hype. no launch.

    joab links to something called instantaffiliatesearch in the footer. also incomplete.

    lies about joining valleywag.

    what is the truth anyways?


  10. Loren Says:

    The truth is that he is not going to make it.

  11. gonzoblog Says:

    Thanks Jeff for that overview. Although I know most of this it’s good background for those dropping by and thinking we’re a nasty bunch.

    (hang on: manage a health care process for bloggers! WTF)

    And it’s not the fact that he’s failed so many times (all that says is be wary getting invovled with him), it’s more his personal style: talking himself up, blame game, attacks on others.

    What is thruth you ask….

    It’s whatever Krug believes it to be … and don’t you let reality and the facts get in the way, okay šŸ™‚

  12. Mark Wade Says:

    I guess that means I’ll have to update this…

    This guy has packed an incredible amount of crap into less than one year.

    He has absolutely no clue what truth is! Definitely a mental case…

    Krug – you need professional mental help – go get it and then come back – next year/decade!

  13. Martin Says:

    Hey there Mark,

    Your chronological on IT is a great insight – although there’s been much to add to it from the start of the year.

    He has hinted at his blog I think of some metal health issues. But if he doesn’t let us in on his problems (fair enough) and continues on his merry ways then he’ll keep getting called out … and the calls are coming from more and more people lately.

    It’s taken a good half year, but it’s finally catching up on him. He seems to be grasping at straws trying to regain some attention. It’s over.

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