Oh My …

May 18, 2006

A deafening shudder has been heard throughout the vastness of the blogosphere, well at least the part of the blogosphere that has put all their eggs into one basket with the revelation that click fraud is alive and well and thriving.

Oh my… could that be the end of all us 3, 4 and 5 figure bloggers? Will advertisers finally tell Google to shape up? Will publishers (yes, us bloggers) take the brunt of it? Will the AdSense bubble finally burst? Or at least shake us all up a bit> Who’ll be left standing?

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The Design War of May ’05 – Big name client. little known blog designer. client vs. designer. ugly design. blame game. the collective go wild. the designers guild comes enmasse. wankers. damn you client. so what if you’re paying me. this is my art.

Oh my… and we all thought it was all about the content.

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– adj : attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

I’ve seen it on too many blogs lately.

Oh my … Stop it with the fawning, bootlicking comments. Say something constructive rather than “me too, me too”.

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Mike Sigers recently went on a blogging rampage, going after A/B/C-listers. Guy, Darren, Bob, and John. Am I missing anyone?

Oh my… A blogger with balls. I love it.

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Read it all at The Blog Herald, sorry The Blogging Times

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