WTF is up with Duncan?

May 10, 2006

(Udpate below)

Duncan Riley made his mark on the blogosphere with The Blog Herald. He was a guy who was simply there at the right time with a simple idea.

He sloppily sold the Blog Herald during the silly season for what would appear to be a pittance, in what was really a publicity nightmare.

Now he blogs over at (no link leak sorry) and does some gossipy-type rubbish over at b5media (which he co-owns).

Snark. It’s so 2005 and most bloggers are over it. But not Duncan. He seems to have this fascination, love/hate … whatever with A-listers. Jeaosuy, perhap? Who knows.

Number one is Robert Scoble. Number two today, is Seth Godin.

I don’t know if this is all a desperate attempt at some link baiting (maybe Blog Herald withdrawal). But no one’s looking Duncan! You were lucky with the Blog Herald. While you were blogging about blogging you were left behind as others learned the art of blogging, of engaging with readers, of producing the goods.

I’ve tried to engage in the comments over there at times but to no avail. I think if Duncan wants to be on par with his fellow b5 owner Darren (of he should shut up shop, step back and read ProB from head to toe.

But I think it’s not in his nature. Duncan seems to be the black sheep of the b5 group. He’s become bitter and irrelevant and seems to riding on the coattails of others.

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Update: I’ve been outed by the (former) King of Snark, who has been telling everyone who’s bothering to listen that he’s over the snark (yes, really he is as he keeps telling us or himself), yet seems to love snark so much that you can almost see him foaming at the mouth to get back to what he’s only good for: that’ll be snark.

Now seems good ol’ Dunc doesn’t like being “attack(ed) behind a cloak of anonymity”. Err… being the good reporter that he is he obviously didn’t take some seconds (okay a minute at best) to visit my Hello World post where I do my best to hide behind my gonzo persona.

But don’t waste your time on me Dunc … I’m sure you’re waaay too busy getting all those juicy Britney scoops out to the world.

Britney Groupie!!! What were you thinking Duncan???

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