I Love Punk and I’m going for it!

April 11, 2006

punk.jpgI’m not a muso. I’ve never played in a band. But is that gonna stop me? Fuck No!

See. I simply live punk … probably more into punk pop. And I love making music on my computer (now wouldn’t it be great if any hack can work and work hard at mastering making music totally on computer, press it and get it out on the internet – think: webcast tours, selling digitally, merchandise – all done virtually.) It’s possible, no matter what the likes of Sandi Thom do to fuck it up for the many.

Todays internet allows all this…

  • blog for promotion
  • YouTube your music videos (I can mash up a punk music vid for under 100 bucks! and that’s including the booze)
  • build a virtual studio from hundreds upon hundreds of apps
  • … and spread the word (and have fun while your’e doing it).
  • It’s a niche but in these viral internet days … anything is possible.

    Seee, it’s my way of de-stressing myself from the real world. Nothin’ like hitting something that feels right at 2am in the morning. A groove, a lyric. Better than any drug (well….)

    So, you wanna hear my music? no fucking way! It’s a hobby. A passion. And I’m keeping it all to myself (at the moment).

    (My Unnamed Band) Virtual World Tour ’08 to be announced anytime from now to 2008… watch for the official press release.

    But semi seriously … whenever I get some motivation I’ll post my punk diary here for all to see my progress (or lack of it!).


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