The AdSense Bubble?

April 8, 2006

Seems every man and his dog is jumping on the AdSense bandwagon these days and why not … scrap together some content (highly targted, product-based if possible, 3-10 posts a day will help), slap on those ads and watch the clicks come through. Keep that cycle going. I have my hand in it it too.

But check out this mammoth forum thread that’s going and going and going recently.

It seems many are jumping into AdSense all starry eyed, expecting to make their fortunes with as little effort as possible. Hmmm … “get rich quick” here we go again.

At the thread you’ll see two kinds of people: those dismissive of AdSense, saying it’s a bubble, it doesn’t work, can’t last and then there are those that are fervant fans of AdSense and will slap you down if you warn against the possibility that AdSense might one day collapse or is just one big bubble that’s gonna blow sooner rather than later.

My view: Apart from the gibberish of content that is being produced (thanks Google) – think: quantity over quality, AdSense does work to earn some coin for ya.

But there’s becomming so much competition it’s bound to pop. That, or advertisers (you know, those using AdWords – those paying clicks gotta come from somebody!) will revolt and ask for some quality control from Google. That, or Google will continue to get sued for click fraud until it does something about it. Or … Darwinism comes into play – the rich get richer, the poor get poorer (talking about quality here to an extent) – the cream will rise to the top and the rest will fade away and onto the next get rich yesterday scheme … and AdSense can settle down once again.

But who knows. At the present moment AdSense is the hottest thing around.

Fuck! How’s that for sitting on the fence for ya! šŸ˜‰

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