Have You Ever Got Pissed …

March 29, 2006

drunk.gif… at your local Mall?

You know, those big shopping centres that’s klilling the small guys. Those centers full of families dutifully doing there bit for consumerism – we’re all one of them (unless you live in a cave).

And by “pissed” I’m not meaning pissed at them – I mean getting “boozed up” pissed.

Well we did last Friday and it just didn’t seem right. You go to the Mall (in my neck of the woods – Melbourne Australia – the Mall in question is Southland) to shop, not to get sloshed.

So we’re sitting around having lunch at TGI Fridays (a restaurant/bar dolled up for the mall). Okay. One scotch and Coke sounds good. Now between three guys when you start shouting rounds firstly, you got to have your turn. Secondly, it’s hard to stop after the first circle of turns. And thirdly, it’s so easy to go overboard.

And on it went. Three hours. At one stage it was Happy Hour (lately happy hour goes for a minimum of 3-4 hours).

So when it’s all said and done try walking casually (as you are elgantly wasted) through the Mall, amongst all the happy families of shoppers. It’s so surreal.

And to top it all off we had a round of golf booked that afternoon. Did we play? You bet ya! Were we fuck-ups out on the course? Probably. Did I get my first birdie in weeks? You bet. Between the three of us our total score: 57 over the card.

The moral of the story? Ummm, there isn’t none – sorry!

Unless it’s to warn you of the dangers fun of driving a golf cart around while still coming down from our Shopping Mall escapades.

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