AdSense Blindness and How to Combat it

March 27, 2006

In the good old days of blogging (2004) there used to be a clear line between content and advertising.

And just as we eventually all got “banner blind” a few years back so too it seems we are becoming text ad blind – The Blog Herald reports.

Forget about placing your AdSense Ads in your right or left sidebar. Bah … no one clicks on them as much as we’d like them to. What you gotta do is merge em closer and closer to the content. Keep inching them closer to those hotspots we keep seeing. Better yet, why not slowly move your content to your sidebar and have your AdSense as the post – 1/3rd content – 2/3rds AdSense.

Shit. Why have that pesky content at all – oh yeah … it’s that contextual thing – without the content the AdSense doesn’t get served up. Damn you Google!

Check out this random product blog I came across to illustrate the “plaster-em-with-ads-galore” and you’ll see where blogging is heading.

But this, of course, is a natural progression. Blogging takes up so much energy and time. Blogging burst onto the scene in 2005. Blogging can now be seen as a business. In business you need to make a profit. Blogging is no different.

The natural progression I’m talking about is that 2006 is the year of make or break for many blogs and blog networks in a financial sense. I’ve already seen quite a number of my favouite blogs shut up shop over recent times.

When the realization dawns on you that monetizing a blog is not as straight forward as you’d think it is – reality sets in. The passion fades and a sort of blog depresion sets in. Many blogs end up like a Ghost town – here today, gone tomorrow.

So those who are still passionate about blogging and want to make their income directly from it have to play the AdSense game. Learn all the tricks. Do the tweaks.

I wonder if the revolution that we thought blogging was, well … really isn’t.

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