Tks DK

March 25, 2006

Notice the ending of my last post …

…it would be so easy to attract the muck and I can bet you they’ll swarm there way around if they knew.

Phew … never knew it would be that easy. 😉

Tks for the link love, DK. I’d reciprocate but I don’t feel like it…

update: I haven’t laughed so hard in yonks. I just read an open letter to myself from a certain “Amish fellow” and my team here are falling all over themselves in fits of hysterics. See this (brokeback) mountain guy – lets call him the “idiot savant from the cave” – seems to have an ego the size of Montana and then some. Seems he thinks I should be careful. Seems I’m headed down that same road. Outsider. Bitter. Twisted. Hateful. (Rob, Stephen, Claire, Andy – seeing you’re all bad influences on me, you’re on notice too!) 🙂

Yup, this “Assistant Junior Vice President of Creative Crapola” / formerly the Master of Snark is making our all-nighters fun again. Thanks Amish Dave.

I guess pulling in all-nighters one must get their kicks and our team here are all about getting in some good, solid laughs amid the hard work we get done at (sometimes) times.

Thanks champ … keep those soppy posts coming.

Okay, back to work people – we only allow ourselves half-an-hour a day of snark. 🙂

We’ve decided to open comments for this post. You’ll see why… 😉

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