Why I Love this Blog …

March 24, 2006

… and lost the passion for my previous blog.

I can quite easily admit to it that I lost the passion for blogging at my previous blog – HomeOfficeVoice.com.

But I can just as quickly say I’ve found my “mojo” again right here – at my own little off-broadway, blog – The Gonzo Blog.

Firstly, why the lost passion?

I started blogging all wide-eyed and all that. It was a release. Suddently I had readers from all corners of the world. For a writer / journo that’s something we all look for.

The fun stopped when it hit the fan that this was going to take some time, some effort, some “roll-up-your-sleeves” hard work.

Think: information overload in every way, shape and form … churning the posts out day-in, day-out, commenting all over the place just to keep your name out there, trying to stay on top of the heap in any way possible. Looking to get Digged, to get mention by A, B or C -listers. Sucking up to folks you’d normally tell to scram.

Then came the obligatory shit storm once a week … you know, where a blog war starts up over something stupid and you waste hours upon hours fuelling it. Okay, sometimes it was fun.

And finally, what killed it was the feeling that you had to keep up appearances. This goes against my gonzo-style ethic. Make sure your grammar is good, the spelling as well (so many spelling police out there). Bah …

And now the reason why the passion is back…

I’m not writing for anyone in particular. I don’t have no idea who my audience is. I don’t really care who reads this blog.

And together with that, comes back the original blogging ethos: personality and having a say, regardless of what, who, why …

For example. I can say that David Krug is a fucked up looney (Oh, I think I already did say that). I can say it’s a wonder to me how Duncan Riley ever got where he did. The Blog Herald, it’s selling and the contents – shambles. I can say that Chris P (aka the Deuce is more fucked up than Krug). I can say that most blog networks suck – churning out 250-word posts dozens of times week seems the opposite of what blogging was/is all about. Or am I wrong. Probably.

I can say this because it’s me. I’m not writing for respect, to gain a following, to build a rep. I can offend without consequences.

So, I can say that lately the comments section at ProBlogger.net is useless – so many “me too” comments. Bah …

I can say that I love the chutzpah of 9rules ceo Paul Scrivens with his oreo ceo blog.

I can say that Charttreuse came onto the scene as a breath of fresh air, til some 9rulers told us about the shady past. Bah … what a shame.

I can say what the fuck happened to Miichael B. Pollock after he sold SBBranding off to Yaro. Potential small business blog network one day, off the face of the blogosphere the next.

I can say … anything I want!

PS: notice no technorati tags, no row of social bookmark buttons, no trackbacks, no real linking out to those I offend. Oh, it would be so easy to attract the muck and I can bet you they’ll swarm there way around if they knew.

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