Now that’s Good PR

March 24, 2006

Ever since I broke the chains of my blogging addiction earlier this year I have cut back on my reading of blogs.

So much so that I scan my rss reader (newsgator Outlook is the one for me) about 4 times a week rather than the 5-10 times a day I usually did.

So the point is I don’t read every blog cover to cover. I usually come across a post that interests me and I read it and most times follow any links to and from, reading all the comments (something I can’t really do with Scoble – the guys just gets way too many comments!).

Such is the case with Steve Reubel’s Micro Persuasion. Steve is what could be called an A-List blogger (yeah, I know what a wank of a term, but so be it). Steve blogs about PR.

The other day I was going over some “oldish” posts and read through the WalMart/Edelman blowup (Steve works for Edelman) – you know, every other day an issue hits the blogosphere shit storm. This one concerned WalMart, the PR firm, Edelman, bloggers … and finally Steve.
Now, PR is all about shaping the minds of consumers (I know it’s a basic explanation but that’ll do). Perception is a big thing in everything we do in life. Good PR people know this.
Reading all the posts and comments in the one go and after the dust has settled I come away with one conclusion. The person who comes out of this looking bad is a certain Jeremy Pepper of POP! PR.

I kept seeing comments peppered throughout the discussion and one thing struck me. As a PR professional, he doesn’t get it. He sounds like someone who is either bitter, envious, a guy with a massive chip on his shoulder or all of the above (I’m going for all of the above).

Now, I don’t know any of these people. I have no bones to pick. But I just say it like I read it. And that’s the crux of the matter. Perception.

The perception of Jeremy Pepper is what I said above.

Now, in my mind, that’s simply not good PR.

As one Mr Prince “Chartreuse” Campbell would say: get it! Good.

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